10 Superstars who creep us out

Bray Wyatt is coming.

In recent weeks, the WWE Universe has been given frightening glimpses at the mysterious, eerie Wyatt and his bizarre followers. A notoriously brutal competitor from WWE NXT, the 6-foot-3, nearly 300-lb. brawler has promised to become WWE’s “new face of fear.”

Check out photos of Wyatt's destruction on WWE NXT

Exactly what Wyatt has planned remains unknown, but there is no doubt that the nightmarish videos shown on both Raw and SmackDown mark the emergence of a sinister and spine-chilling new force in the WWE landscape. In anticipation of the arrival of Wyatt and his unhinged sycophants, WWE.com looks at 10 of the most bizarre, most unsettling Superstars in WWE history. Read on to see who gives us the creeps, if you dare …