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The 10 hottest free agents for Raw and SmackDown Live

These are changing times in WWE. With The New Era and the brand extension completely altering the landscape, free agency has become a bigger part of the equation than ever before. No longer are potential Superstars being courted singularly by WWE — now it’s a battle between Raw and SmackDown Live to snag the best talent in the world. With that in mind, WWE.com did a little prep work and put together this list of 10 of the hottest free agents on the market right now.

The Rock

There is no denying that The Rock still electrifies like no other, but can either Team Red or Team Blue woo Team Bring It to their side of the fence? Thanks to The Great One’s amazing legacy and unbelievable success outside of the ring, one would imagine that The Rock would be at the top of both Shane and Stephanie’s wish list.

The Undertaker

Marquee matches are always at the forefront of any GM’s mind, and there’s a small number of top-shelf athletes who can change the landscape of their respective sports with a single fight.

Boxing has Floyd Mayweather, MMA has Conor McGregor, and WWE has The Undertaker.

Yes, The Deadman typically only competes a few times a year, but when he does it always is an attraction … an attraction that can put the spotlight on whichever brand The Deadman choses to represent.

Nikki Bella

What does being the most dominant Divas Champion in history plus a certifiable television star get you? Answer: A lot of attention in free agency.

Nikki Bella may be coming off a serious neck injury that has kept her out of action for nearly a year, but she has publicly stated that she is getting closer to her in-ring return.

Considering that Nikki is arguably the most influential female Superstar of this decade, you can all but guarantee that a bidding war will break out between Team Red and Team Blue for the leader of The Bella Empire.

The Brian Kendrick

What brand wouldn’t want to claim a “Post-Apocalyptic Scavenger” as their own?

Turning heads with his impressive showing thus far in the Cruiserweight Classic on WWE Network, Kendrick has surely earned the distinction of being a desirable free agent. Would he join up with Raw’s upcoming Cruiserweight Division, or reunite with former training partner Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon as a card-carrying scavenger on Team Blue?

With Kendrick, anything is possible.


Following her amazing debut as Sasha Banks’ partner at WWE Battleground, Bayley’s stock has never been higher. Although the lovable Superstar is presently focused on regaining the NXT Women’s Championship against Asuka, best believe that regardless the outcome of that, Raw and SmackDown Live are both already plotting strategies to inject their brand with a lethal dose of … well, Hug Life!

Cryme Tyme

What is free agency all about? That money, money! Yeah, yeah!

Although they haven’t competed in WWE as a unit since 2010, Shad Gaspard and JTG have teamed together on the independent circuit over the last several years. With the Tag Team division as hot as it’s ever been, Cryme Tyme would be a perfect addition to either brand.

Cryme Tyme vs. The New Day on Raw? Cryme Tyme vs. American Alpha on SmackDown Live? Both would be absolutely lit.


Carlito spits in the face of people who don’t think he’s the hottest free agent available.

Last seen as an active competitor in WWE in 2010, the former Intercontinental, United States and Tag Team Champion was best known for his impressive in-ring acumen and notorious hot temper. Would the Cool Caribbean Superstar join his brother Primo and cousin Epico on Team Red, or would he return to the brand he debuted on in 2003, SmackDown Live? Either way, it would be cool.

Mickie James

Do Raw and SmackDown Live have James on the brain?

New blood has invigorated the Women’s division in WWE, but few would argue that seeing a veteran like Mickie James come to Raw or SmackDown Live to square off with the likes of Sasha Banks, Charlotte or Becky Lynch wouldn’t be a sight to behold.

The Great Khali

The key to making Raw or SmackDown Live even greater? You sign a man who literally has “Great” in his name.

Standing at more than 7-feet tall, The Great Khali is as battle-tested as they come with victories over the The Undertaker and John Cena during his run with the company. And although the former World Heavyweight Champion hasn’t been seen on WWE television since 2014, you can essentially guarantee that Raw and SmackDown Live would not hesitate to snatch The Punjabi Playboy up if the opportunity presented itself.


With his Cruiserweight Classic performance challenging the adage that “Father Time is undefeated,” Tajiri has suddenly become valuable commodity to both brands.

Yes, Raw is the new home of the cruiserweights, but Team Blue was Tajiri’s spot during his most successful run in WWE. Would old brand loyalties come into play for The Japanese Buzzsaw?

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