Night of Champions

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Time and location

Sunday, Sep 20 | 8 PMET/5 PMPT

The Dudley Boyz def. WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day by Disqualification

The Dudley Boyz turn the tables on the WWE Tag Team Champions: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

HOUSTON — Against The Dudley Boyz at Night of Champions 2015, WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day managed to save their title reign, even if they failed to save the tables.

Challenging for the WWE Tag Team Championship for the first time since returning to WWE last month after a 10-year absence, Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley defeated The New Day’s Big E & Kofi Kingston via disqualification after Xavier Woods interfered. Because titles cannot be won or lost by disqualification or count-out, Big E, Kingston & Woods retained the championship.

Woods’ intrusion may have temporarily halted the Dudleys’ goal of winning their 10th tag team title in WWE, but with their impressive, bulldozing performance at WWE Night of Champions, the two icons proved that they may just have The New Day’s number.

Courtesy of WWE Network: Dudleys table Xavier Woods |  Dudleys sound off on DQ win

Before the opening bell sounded, Big E, Kingston & Woods tried to garner support for their #SavetheTables petition, which, they claimed, even had signatures from the likes of President Obama and Bill Nye the Science Guy.

The WWE Universe made their feelings on the subject known right away, chanting “We want tables” as Kingston tangled with D-Von, The Dreadlocked Dynamo using his speed and agility to avoid the ECW Original’s powerful offense. Kingston then resorted to slapping D-Von in the back of the head and tagging Big E into action as soon as Bubba Ray entered the contest.

Like his partner, Big E disrespected his veteran opponent, calling Bubba Ray an “old man” and telling him to “go home.” Despite the head games, The Dudleys showed exactly why they are the most decorated team in WWE history, taking over with their seamless double-team maneuvers. Bubba Ray then tested the structural integrity of the ring, superplexing Big E off the top rope.

Sensing danger, Woods inserted himself in the action early, hopping onto the ring apron and helping The New Day regain control against Bubba Ray. Accompanied by Woods’ trombone playing, Big E & Kingston repeatedly stomped the camouflaged combatant. Shortly thereafter, Big E brought his enormous girth down onto Bubba Ray, splashing him as his body hung off the ring apron.

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Bubba Ray fought back from the onslaught, planting Kingston with a Bubba Bomb and tagging in his  partner of almost 20 years, who came in with renewed energy. D-Von flapjacked Kingston, knocked Woods off the apron and connected with a flying clothesline before he and Bubba Ray dropped The New Day member with the 3D.

The win appeared to be theirs, until Woods rushed into the ring to break up the count, leaving the referee with no choice but to disqualify the Tag Team Champions. Looking to add insult to injury, The New Day tried using the Dudleys’ “table poaching” tactics against them, only to have their plan backfire and have the Dudleys send Woods crashing through a table with a 3D. The New Day may have survived WWE Night of Champions as the titleholders, but will it be long before “the power of positivity” gets tabled for good?