Xavier WoodsBio

If there are fun times to be had, Xavier Woods will be near. Between earning his Ph.D. in educational psychology and partying outside the ring, the afro-haired Superstar dazzles with his in-ring abilities and brains. He already owns two bachelor's degrees in psychology and philosophy, and a master's in psychology. Additionally, this hardcore gamer is the host of the UpUpDownDown YouTube gaming channel. 

The lively competitor says he trained under Zack Taylor in the ways of “Hip Hop Kido,” a fighting style Woods pays homage to when he yells “It’s Morphin’ Time!” during matches. 3MB, under the guise of The Rhinestone Cowboys, were the first to feel just how dynamic Woods is in the ring, when Xavier teamed with R-Truth for his WWE debut in November 2013 on Raw.

He learned the ropes with the veteran’s aid, but Woods ran into trouble early in the form of Rusev. The mighty Superstar battered Woods on multiple occasions before destroying both him and his mentor, Truth, in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match at Extreme Rules. 

In late 2014, Woods adopted a new, positive outlook alongside a united Kofi Kingston and Big E. Together, The New Day is on a crusade to remind the WWE Universe that good things are dawning for the trio. In the WrestleMania 31 Kickoff, Woods’ New Day partners, Big E & Kofi Kingston, lost in a Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Championship Match. More recently, The New Day has been on the receiving end of criticism from the WWE Universe, chanting "New Day sucks" every time the group tries to clap with positivity. At Extreme Rules, The New Day silenced the naysayers when Big E & Kingston became WWE Tag Team Champions. Now at the top of the tag team division, The New Day is more amped than ever to spread their message ... whether the WWE Universe wants to hear it or not. 

Woods may have proven himself as The New Day's true "X"-factor at WWE Payback, when he snuck himself into the match, buried his head from sight and rolled up Cesaro. Unaware that Woods was the one pinning Cesaro, the referee counted the deciding pinfall in the contest, and The New Day remained WWE Tag Team Champions. The trio then successfully defended their championships in the first-ever Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Tag Team Titles during WWE Elimination Chamber.

WWE Money in the Bank 2015 was not the most positive night for The New Day. Kofi Kingston was unsuccessful in his attempt to win the Money in the Bank Contract Ladder Match, and Xavier Woods & Big E lost the WWE Tag Team Championships to The Prime Time Players. The group then fell short of regaining the titles in a rematch against The Prime Time Players at WWE Battleground, however the positive trio reclaimed the titles in a Fatal 4-Way Match at SummerSlam, defeating The Prime Time Players, Los Matadores and The Lucha Dragons.

The New Day soon fell victim to the returning Dudley Boyz, who laid out Kingston and Big E before putting Woods through a table with the 3D on the Aug. 24 edition of Raw. After falling to the dangerous tandem the following week, how will The New Day bounce back? Is their crusade to "save the tables" all for naught?

The New Day has embraced the power of positivity with good reason, because when the talented and well-educated Xavier Woods steps inside the ring, his opponents are about to be schooled.