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Newcastle upon Tyne, England

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Red Arrow

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NXT Champion; NXT Tag Team Champion

Neville: Bio

You don’t give yourself a nickname like “The King of the Cruiserweights” without backing it up. And British-born athlete Neville, armed with a take-no-prisoners attitude, is more than willing to back up his boasts.

Neville has devoted his life to studying wrestling disciplines across the globe, earning numerous accolades and molding himself into an explosive and versatile competitor. While not the biggest challenger to set foot in the ring, Neville’s strength doesn’t lie in his size, but in his world-class technique and spectacular agility.

His record since arriving in WWE speaks for itself. Not only does Neville boast the longest NXT Championship reign in history, but the high-flyer wasted no time in making an impact upon his arrival to the main roster in March 2015. Champions and contenders alike have struggled mightily against the ascendant Superstar, falling one after another to his nearly unstoppable Red Arrow finishing maneuver. His speed, agility and hybrid capabilities recall the Cruiserweights of the ’90s, but Neville isn’t interested in rehashing the past. Glory is on his mind, and a brand-new chapter — the “Altitude Era” — has begun with him at its forefront. Plan accordingly.

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