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One of the most passionate competitors to ever grace the women's roster, Ivory kicked off her WWE career in 1999 in the corner of D-Lo Brown & Mark Henry. From there, she transitioned into singles competition where she won the Women's Championship twice in her first year with the company.

The dynamic Diva was the one fans loved to hate as she portrayed a bad girl image for most of her wrestling career. This persona was amplified when she joined up with the conservative group Right to Censor. The gorgeous Diva now covered up her body with conservative black and white clothing, robbing WWE fans of the privelege of seeing her flawless figure. Luckily for the WWE Universe, the group eventually disbanded and Ivory dropped the conservative skirts when she joined up with The Alliance.

Destined to shake up the scene, Ivory won her third Women's Championship in 2000. This time she overcame future WWE Hall of Famer, Lita.

The three-time WWE Women's Champion didn't stop in the ring. Not only did she have a memorable turn as a trainer on the WWE reality show, Tough Enough, but she got behind the microphone as a host on various WWE television programs before retiring in July 2005. 

In 2009, WWE.com caught up with Ivory for a Where Are They Now? feature, which you can read here.

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