Big Show def. Mark Henry; Daniel Bryan cashed in Money in the Bank (New World Heavyweight Champion)

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December 18, 2011

BALTIMORE – At WWE TLC, Big Show reigned supreme over World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry in a brutal World Title Chairs Match of gigantic proportions. But, just when it looked like his nine-year drought  had come to a close, Daniel Bryan stunned the WWE Universe, cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase to walk away with his first World Heavyweight Championship! (MATCH PHOTOS)

A showdown between colossal competitors the caliber of The World’s Strongest Champion and The World’s Largest Athlete was already destructive on its own. However, with steal chairs at their disposal in every direction, the carnage quickly became completely uncontrollable. Both massive Superstars used the weapons to unleash absolute brutality from the word go. However, in a crucial moment when Henry was attempting to swing the chair at his gigantic foe, Show delivered the WMD to claim his championship victory.

Despite losing the title, Henry would give Big Show no time to celebrate, executing a vicious post-match assault on the unsuspecting new champion and leaving him lying in the middle of the ring. Then, just when it seemed the excitement couldn’t get any more intense, Daniel Bryan sent shockwaves through the WWE Universe – cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase on the downed giant to claim the biggest moment of his career.

It was fitting that Henry and Big Show would wield the dangerous the steel weapons of mayhem against each other, since steel chairs had played an important role in their heated rivalry from the beginning. At Money in the Bank, it was Henry that put The World's Largest Athlete out of action and into his infamous Hall of Pain for months, trapping his leg inside a chair before dropping down onto it from the ropes.

When Big Show returned for retribution, the two goliath Superstars battled to a no contest in a World Title Match at Vengeance, collapsing the ring beneath them. This paved the way for a rematch at Survivor Series, in which – following Henry’s purposeful disqualification to keep the gold – Big Show used a chair to injure the World’s Strongest Champion, making sure he could not walk out of the arena.

On the Dec. 9 edition of SmackDown, things between the two massive foes reached a new level of anguish. After Henry sucker punched Show, The World’s Largest Athlete delivered a hellacious beating with a chair. One week later, Henry snatched back some momentum, taking out both Jack Swagger and helpless a cameraman, as his giant foe stood witness to the hellacious act of aggression.

As Henry and Big Show were exchanging chair assaults, Daniel Bryan was steadily taking a stand of his own. Encouraged by The World’s Largest Athlete himself, Mr. Money in the Bank cashed-in and defeated Henry during the Nov. 25, 2011 edition of SmackDown – despite the fact that he had already proclaimed that he would not use his opportunity until WrestleMania XXVIII on April 1 in Miami. But, because Henry was not medically cleared to compete, GM Theodore Long declared the moment null and void.

The gutsy Superstar had gone on to battle Henry in a Steel Cage Match on a special live edition of SmackDown and on several other instances. No matter how many times he got knocked down, Bryan would not give up, refusing to lose sight of his goal. And at WWE TLC, the goal finally was realized.

Daniel Bryan has cashed in the Money in the Bank to become the new World Heavyweight Champion! But, now that he has reached the top of the mountain, has he opened himself up to a very “big” problem? Find out on SmackDown on Syfy, Friday at 8/ 5 PT.

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