Randy Orton def. Wade Barrett (Tables Match)

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December 18, 2011

At least after WWE TLC, Wade Barrett’s only Christmas wish may be a rematch against WWE’s Apex Predator. The “Barrett Barrage” was unable to withstand the sting of The Viper’s venom in a Tables Match as Randy Orton dropped Wade Barrett through the pine with a jaw-dropping mid-air RKO. (PHOTOS)

The Tables Match was the perfect place for these competitors to settle the score and for The Viper to come uncoiled. In an environment that allows underhanded tactics, one of the Superstars could only earn victory in a very specific way, and no matter how fast the flurry of The “Barrett Barrage” came through, he couldn’t put Orton through a table.

Randy Orton vs. Wade BarrettOne year ago when Orton was WWE Champion, Barrett and The Viper squared-off at WWE Bragging Rights and again at Survivor Series for the title. However, the British grappler may have been more concerned with humiliating John Cena at the time and ultimately underestimated WWE’s Apex Predator. Tonight, inside the 1st Mariner Arena, Wade Barrett’s sole focus was on the third-generation Superstar, but he still couldn’t conquer The Viper.

With an already sordid history between the two competitors, Barrett had built a fair share of momentum. After earning an underhanded victory against Orton on SmackDown, then leading Team Barrett to a triumph over Orton and his squad at Survivor Series, it seemed that momentum was clearly in favor of the “Barrett Barrage.” However, the inside of Orton’s head is a twisted and dangerous place, and it seemed that as Barrett stalked and taunted him over recent weeks, WWE’s Apex Predator simply became more enraged.

Battling in and out of the ring, there were a few moments where the WWE Universe held their breath, waiting for one of the Superstars to crash through a table. But as the action continued, Barrett proved his fighting spirit and toughness, but the unpredictability of Randy Orton proved to be too much. Perhaps it is that same unpredictability that gave WWE’s Apex Predator an edge. Barrett believed he was inside Orton’s head, but with each explosive blow dealt by the nine-time champion, it was clearly not the case.

Randy Orton vs. Wade BarrettThat impulsive attitude and competitive style of the third-generation Superstar is what led to Barrett’s demise at WWE TLC. At any time and RKO can strike and be devastating, but the bare-knuckled brawler learned it can be much worse when a table is involved. As Barrett dove from the middle-rope, trying to put Orton through the table, The Viper rolled out of the way and caught the British Superstar with a mid-air RKO that split the table in two.

How will The “Barrett Barrage” rebound? Will he still have his sights set on Orton? Find out on SmackDown, this Friday at 8/7 CT only on Syfy.

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