John Morrison def. Sheamus (Ladder Match)

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December 19, 2010

HOUSTON -- Sheamus and John Morrison each had one victory over the other heading into WWE TLC. However, for the second straight month on pay-per-view, John Morrison bested the 2010 King of the Ring, ascended a ladder and secured a contract to become the No.1 contender to the WWE Title. (PHOTOS)

The rivalry between Sheamus and John Morrison has been one of WWE's most heated in recent months. It began as the first Irish-born WWE Champion continually bullied Santino Marella, while The Shaman of Sexy stood up to The Celtic Warrior. Morrison would go on to defeat Sheamus at Survivor Series but the Irishman would get his revenge by defeating The Guru of Greatness in the finals of the 2010 King of the Ring tournament.

Both competitors had the right motivations, besides the obvious chance to capture the coveted WWE Title, going into Houston's Toyota Center. Sheamus, still fresh from becoming the 2010 King of the Ring would have an opening to prove his dominance with a chance to capture his third WWE Championship. It was only one year ago that The Celtic Warrior shocked the WWE Universe by defeating John Cena to capture his first WWE Championship.

Morrison, however, would not only have one of the biggest opportunities of his career, but would also face his former tag team partner, The Miz, if The Awesome One could retain the WWE Title later in the evening.

The Celtic Warrior unleashed a sound strategy on his agile and quick opponent by targeting Morrsion's leg throughout the contest. The Shaman of Sexy relies heavily on a speedy and high-octane offense that employs the art of parkour. The brutish and powerful High King of WWE was fully aware of Morrison's abilities and did what he could to neutralize The Monday Night Delight and prevent him from climbing the ladder.

However, even nursing an injured leg, John Morrison would ultimately prove his resilience and determination by overcoming insurmountable odds and capturing the contract to become the No. 1 contender to the WWE Championship.

With the 2011 Royal Rumble on the horizon and an opportunity for the WWE Championship in his grasp, John Morrison heads into a seemingly prosperous new year. The Shaman of Sexy may have already begun to pave his road to the Georgia Dome and the main event of WrestleMania XXVII.

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