John Cena def. Wade Barrett (Chairs Match)

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December 19, 2010

HOUSTON — Six months ago, The Nexus made their infamous debut by brutalizing John Cena in a reprehensible attack that shocked the WWE Universe. Tonight, the newly rehired Superstar struck back in a major way, destroying Nexus leader Wade Barrett in a vicious Chairs Match before burying the malicious Englishman under a pile of steel to bring a definitive end to the most heated rivalry of the year. (PHOTOS)

In a match where the usage of steel chairs was completely legal, the underhanded Barrett had a distinct advantage. After all, when it comes to cruelty, few Superstars are as sadistic as the Nexus leader. The Englishman displayed this mean streak throughout much of the bout, battering Cena with an endless amount of punishing chair shots. But the powerhouse would not be denied and he fought back against Barrett, finally destroying his rival with a devastating Attitude Adjustment onto six steel chairs.

The former WWE Champion was not done yet, though. To bring a fitting end to his opposition with Barrett, Cena dragged The Nexus leader to the top of the entrance ramp and entombed him under a pile of steel chairs from the WWE TLC set. Right then and there, Cena buried this rivalry.

The chain of events that brought Cena and Barrett to this brutal end was as complex as any rivalry seen in WWE. Since targeting the Legendary star in their first infamous ambush on Raw, Barrett and his Nexus fiends have been intent on destroying Cena. They came close at WWE Hell in a Cell when Barrett defeated the Raw Superstar in a match that made Cena an unwilling member of the horde. But when Cena failed to help Barrett win the WWE Championship at Survivor Series, he was fired from the group by the Englishman and lost his position as a WWE Superstar.

With nothing left to lose, Cena began attacking the feral dogs wherever he could find them, brutalizing Nexus members in hotel rooms and parking lots. Battered and intimidated by the powerful competitor, the rebels gave Barrett an ultimatum — either reinstate Cena or they would fire the Englishman from The Nexus. With his team ready to turn on him, Barrett had no choice but to rehire the former WWE Champion on last Monday's Raw.

But after the frustrations Cena had caused the Nexus leader, Barrett wanted nothing more than to bash a steel chair across his rival's forehead. With just as much animosity in his heart, Cena accepted Barrett's challenge for a Chairs Match and came to WWE TLC ready for a fight.

From the minute they entered the Toyota Center, The Nexus began their campaign of terror, first brutalizing WWE Tag Team Champions Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov with steel chairs to send a message to Cena. (FULL STORY) But the resilient Superstar refused to be intimidated and responded by taking out every rebel in the locker room just as he promised he would.

Although his reinforcements were in the ER, Barrett still walked to the ring with arrogance and came very close to defeating his rival. But with the WWE Universe passionately supporting him, Cena weathered his opponent's offensive storm and came out victorious after a grueling war.

The bout may have left him battered and bruised, but John Cena stood on the entrance ramp with his head held high. In 2010, the former WWE Champion faced his greatest threat yet and walked away from the carnage stronger than ever.  

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