Divas Champion Brie Bella def. Kelly Kelly

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May 22, 2011

SEATTLE – Tens of thousands of devout followers the world over were anticipating the arrival of an apocalyptic doomsday that never arrived. No, not the Rapture. We’re talking about Kharma, the braided behemoth, whose obsession with Kelly Kelly has reached ominous levels.

During the Divas Title Match, pitting the blond beauty against current champion Brie Bella, Kharma cast a long shadow. When it became obvious that the braided behemoth would not make her presence felt, though, Brie and her twin sister, Nikki, breathed a sigh of relief. (PHOTOS)

The twins then proceeded with the underhanded tactics they’ve grown so accustomed to as of late. Just when the momentum had begun to flow to Kelly’s side, the Bellas executed Twin Magic, Nikki pulling her sister from the ring and jumping in herself. The fresh Diva quickly disposed of the blond contender and allowed her sister, Brie, to retain the butterfly emblazoned title.

In the wake of the loss, Kelly appeared devastated. Was her distress the result of her title loss, though, or are Kharma’s head games finally sinking in?

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