Ryback def. Camacho

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May 20, 2012

RALEIGH, N.C. – Of all the Superstars who have made their debuts on both Raw and SmackDown over the last several months, none have made a thunderous impact quite like the authoritative Ryback. As soon as the WWE Universe hears his music, they know pure destruction is imminent.

Luckily for Raleigh, N.C., natives, Ryback has moved on from facing off with local athletes, and has graduated to crushing regular members of the WWE roster. At WWE Over the Limit, Ryback was beyond impressive, manhandling Camacho, while his opponent's ally, Hunico, looked on from ringside in awe. (PHOTOS)

The pair from south of the border arrived on their bicycle making a bold statement that they would have better luck than others against their foe. Perhaps Hunico and Camacho believed they had a numbers advantage over Ryback, but arithmetic means little to the undefeated man from Sin City. Like a couple of hapless gamblers, the rough pair played their hand, but quickly folded under the pure might of the near 300-pounder.

Ryback's appetite shows no signs of being satiated as he continues to devour the competition. Tonight, he annihilated Camacho, sending both he and Hunico back on their paper route. Feed him more.

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