Could Big Show have saved his job any other way?

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May 20, 2012

If Laurinaitis had been beaten by Cena and terminated himself, would his replacement have had enough common sense to bring back one of WWE’s most decorated Superstars? Would Chief Operating Officer Triple H have rehired Big Show himself immediately, before even naming Laurinaitis’ replacement? Would the Board of Directors, who obviously wanted Laurinaitis’ reign of ego to end, have interceded on Show’s behalf? Even less contemptible than his actions tonight, could Big Show have enlisted the counsel of Paul Heyman, who is currently suing WWE over the way Brock Lesnar and WWE parted ways? Surely any other option would have been less offensive than allowing Laurinaitis to pin Cena.

How was this proverbial deal with the devil struck? Did Big Show call Laurinaitis tearfully begging for his job back? Did Laurinaitis use his ubiquitous BlackBerry to text the offer to the goliath? Was there a third party involved who proposed this mutually beneficial betrayal?

Big Show’s eventual explanation of his actions at Over The Limit may be one of the most must-hear promos in WWE history.

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