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The NXT Interview: Percy Watson

It's "Showtime," baby! NXT Rookie "Showtime" Percy Watson is taking the WWE NXT competition by storm, capturing the attention -- and the hearts -- of the WWE Universe. He's ranked No. 2 in the NXT Poll, but how does this flashy and fabulous South Beach party boy plan to take the No. 1 spot? Read WWE.com's exclusive NXT Interview with "Showtime" now and find out. Oh yeah!

WWE.com: Congratulations on hosting your own talk show Tuesday on WWE NXT. How do you think the WWE Universe enjoyed "The ‘Showtime' Percy Watson Show"? (PHOTOS | WATCH)
WATSON: I think they really enjoyed it, you know. I think they got to see a side of me they weren't used to seeing. I am a talker. I think everybody knows that. I enjoy entertaining, you know. I enjoy entertaining the whole world because that's what I do. That's what I love to do!

WWE.com: Is hosting a talk show something you think you'd like to continue doing on WWE programming?
Of course, of course. Me having my own show would be absolutely fantastic! This way I can constantly reach out to the WWE Universe, reach out to my people.

WWE.com: You're ranked No. 2 in the NXT Poll. The WWE Universe and the WWE Pros will begin voting next week in the new NXT Poll. How do you plan to get to No. 1 over Kaval?
Well I'll do whatever it takes, whatever I have to do in the ring as well as out of the ring. Whoever my opponent is, I can just say, "be ready," because it's going to be "Showtime"! It's going to be "Showtime" Percy Watson. I realize I am 1-2. I need to come up with some more wins, some more victories.

WWE.com: How does your South Beach party lifestyle influence the Percy Watson the WWE Universe sees in the ring?
Well of course there's a lot of shakin' and groovin' in the ring and that comes from my Miami background. You know, there are a lot of parties going on down there 24/7/365. That's just part of who I am now, you know?

WWE.com: Since you're from Miami, how do you feel about LeBron James signing with the Miami Heat?
I think that's a fantastic thing! We've got the "Three Kings" down there now! I can say to the rest of the NBA, lookout, baby! Lookout, we've got a championship team on the rise. Oh yeah!

WWE.com: Tell the WWE Universe a little bit more about your color-coordinated in-ring gear.
Well, I like to shine, baby. I like to be seen. I like to be noticed. I am, of course, fly, flashy and fabulous, everybody knows that. And I like to have a good time. I think it's a direct representation of who I am.

WWE.com: How has your relationship been with your WWE Pro, MVP?
Well, it was fine, up until "The ‘Showtime' Percy Watson Show." I think our relationship hit a little curve, you know? But I am working profusely on that and trying to mend our relationship. He's a very nice guy. He's very friendly, very outgoing. He's a knowledgeable person. So I think what I want to do is make amends with MVP as soon as I can.

WWE.com: What has MVP taught you in the first few weeks of competition?
He's taught me dedication. He's taught me to always study my opponent. He taught me some things about myself I didn't know. He's very insightful, he knows what he's talking about. He always tells me constantly to work hard and be dedicated and push myself. He says to do what it takes to be a champion, day in and day out.

WWE.com: You're very charismatic. Some of the other NXT Rookies have said you're they're biggest competition. How do you feel about that?
Well, first of all, I'd like to thank them for holding me so high because I could very well be their biggest direct threat. I'm going to continue to do so. I have to be a threat. I want to be the WWE NXT season two champion.

WWE.com: Who is your biggest competition on WWE NXT?
I would say I'm my own competition. Percy Watson doesn't have any competition other than himself. I commend the other guys for being very talented at doing what they do but I am my biggest competition. I'm the only person who can get in my way.

WWE.com: Who would you like to face next?
I would like to face Alex Riley. I think he has a very big mouth and I would like to shut it for him.

WWE.com: If you won the competition tomorrow, which championship would you go after?
I would go after Sheamus.

WWE.com: Why?
He's been running around and bashing on Cena. I feel like he's the big threat right now in WWE and I want to be the one to take him down. He's a big jar of mayonnaise.

WWE.com: How do you feel about The Nexus invading WWE NXT on Tuesday?
I'm really tired of The Nexus. They're always sticking their noses where it doesn't belong. They have to run through and ransack and destroy WWE and destroy what people have spent years upon years to build just so they can be recognized. I believe there's a right way to do things but I think what they're doing is the wrong way.

WWE.com: So you don't think the season two NXT Rookies are going to follow in their footsteps?
I know I won't, but I can't speak for everybody else. Not "Showtime" Percy Watson -- that's not what I'm about.

WWE.com: Do you have any final messages for the WWE Universe?
Let's see here. Keep your eyes open, baby, because a visionary is coming, baby, and when you see me it's going to be "Showtime" Percy Watson, baby. Oh yeah!

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