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A kiss goodbye

Week Nine results:

  • NXT Rookie Diva Challenge: A.J. won the Kissing Contest (WATCH | PHOTOS)
  • Kelly Kelly def. Alicia Fox (WATCH | PHOTOS)
  • NXT Rookie Diva Challenge: Kaitlyn won the Wedding Present Scramble (WATCH | PHOTOS)

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NXT Rookie Diva Records:

  • A.J.: Challenge wins: 2, Win/Loss record: 3-2
  • Aksana: Challenge wins: 0, Win/Loss record: 1-3
  • Kaitlyn: Challenge wins: 2, Win/Loss record: 1-2
  • Maxine: Challenge wins: 1, Win/Loss record: 1-3 (At the time of her elimination)
  • Naomi: Challenge wins: 3, Win/Loss record: 3-2

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