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Rhodes tweets results of MRI on injured shoulder

Rhodes tweets results of MRI on injured shoulder

After Cody Rhodes sustained an injury on WWE Main Event, Dr. Sampson gives an update on the Superstar's condition.

During a fierce WWE Tag Team Title Match against Team Hell No on WWE Main Event, Cody Rhodes sustained an injury in the ring at the hands of the monstrous Kane.

While battling The Big Red Monster, the second generation competitor took a hard fall, resulting in what WWE’s Dr. Sampson characterized as a concussion and a strained shoulder. After undergoing futher medical evaluation, on Saturday afternoon Rhodes tweeted:

@CodyRhodesWWE: MRI results...Torn trapezius grade 2. Torn deltoid grade 1. Separated shoulder. No surgery needed. Won't stop us. #boyhooddream

With little time to recover for Survivor Series, the former Intercontinental Champion’s status for WWE's fall classic is unknown. How will the injury to Rhodes, a member of Team Ziggler, affect the Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match against Team Foley?

Stay tuned to WWE.com for the very latest on Rhodes’ injury and status.

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