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WrestleMania III celebrities

WrestleMania III celebrities

Bob Uecker
Uecker and Mary Hart were roving interviewers and commentators throughout the evening. Nicknamed "Mr. Baseball," Uecker was a less-than-stellar baseball player for the Brewers, Cardinals and Phillies, but is perhaps more well-known for his work in sports broadcasting. He also starred in several beer commercials, as well as in the television show Mr. Belvedere. 

Mary HartMary Hart
Hart was a long-time co-host of Entertainment Tonight (ET). On her last day on ET, May 12, 2011, she broke a Guiness World Record for the "longest serving entertainment news host". Aside from her work on ET, she is also known for her picture-perfect legs, which have been used in several pantyhose commercials.


Aretha FranklinAretha Franklin
Franklin kicked off WrestleMania III with her rendition of America the Beautiful. The Queen of Soul is a legendary recording artist best known for her song Respect.




Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper
Cooper accompanied Jake "The Snake" Roberts to the ring for his match against the Honky Tonk Man. Cooper was one of the most influential rockers of his time as he added wild stage scenery and antics to his dark music He was a perfect fit to accompany Jake "The Snake" Roberts to the ring as their personalities seemed to go with each other.

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