Five reasons WrestleMania trumps the Super Bowl

1. The stakes just make more sense

At the Super Bowl, two teams leave everything on the field battle, all to take possession of a trophy and ring that are frankly impractical. While no doubt a prestigious prize, the winners can’t simply strap the Vince Lombardi Trophy around their waist. Its way too heavy to be carried around daily, allowing them to show their greatness. Not to mention that there is only one trophy for an entire group of guys who, let’s face it, probably have a pretty hard time sharing.

While it’s true a player can bring a ring with them and, we suppose, they can hoist it high in the air whenever they want to show they’re a champion, the reality is that people are going to have to squint to see it. Plus, it can’t be any fun to have that ring on one’s figure if he develops a pinched nerve or carpal tunnel or something.

At WrestleMania, on the other hand, several championships are contested — including in most cases the illustrious WWE, World Heavyweight, Intercontinental and United States Titles. These are big, beautiful-looking symbols of golden excellence that not only mirror the greatness of the warrior who wears it, but also fit easily in most overhead storage bins.

And since we are talking about titles, it’s worth mentioning that at WrestleMania, the current champion is always involved when he is dethroned by a would-be challenger. How many New York Giants fans would have preferred to see their team get the change to defend their title reign against the Baltimore Ravens rather than just watching it sail away?