John Cena def. Batista (New WWE Champion)

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March 28, 2010

PHOENIX -- He was one competitor from victory at 2005's Royal Rumble -- but Batista upended him. He was one second from basking in glory at 2008's SummerSlam -- but Batista refused to quit. He prevailed over five others to capture the WWE Title at this year's Elimination Chamber -- but Batista came and fought it away.

During some of the most pivotal moments of his career, John Cena has failed to overcome the force of just one man: Batista. Until now.

After an intense clash between two of WWE's preeminent powerhouses on The Grandest Stage of Them All, Cena finally unleashed all manner of fury on The Animal, captured his seventh WWE Title and can once again proclaim, "The Champ … is … here!" (PHOTOS)

The victory, however, was far from assured. In the weeks leading up to the brawl, Batista successfully employed psychological warfare, worming his way inside Cena's psyche, mocking his squeaky-clean image and trying to convince him that he could never defeat The Animal. However, just six days prior to WrestleMania, Cena crashed through a phalanx of security and attacked his tormentor on Monday Night Raw, vowing that Batista "would never keep [him] down, no matter what."

True to his word, Cena entered the match with a full tank of gas and plenty in reserve. The two Superstars locked in various holds early in the match, intent on wearing down their opponent. As the match progressed, the two powerhouses began to trade cement-shattering blows. As a result, a hint of fatigue glimmered on each of their brows, but neither would relent. Instead, Cena kicked out after a rumbling Batista Bomb, and The Animal also escaped in the wake of an emphatic Attitude Adjustment. Finally, though, Cena would clamp down upon Batista with a savage STFU, leaving The Animal no choice but to tap out.

In the end, Cena displayed the steely resolve of a warrior, vanquishing any self-doubt he harbored leading up to the match and returning to form as "The Champ" on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

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