Jack Swagger wins Money in the Bank Ladder Match

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March 28, 2010

PHOENIX -- Jack Swagger is known throughout the WWE Universe for his incredible amateur wrestling background. But at WrestleMania XXVI it was "The All-American American's" willingness to take risks and put his body on the line that brought him victory in the first-ever 10-Man Money in the Bank Ladder Match and the contract for a guaranteed World Title Match that comes with it. (PHOTOS)

During the weeks leading up to WrestleMania, qualifying matches were held on both Raw and SmackDown, where the brands' hungriest Superstars competed for a chance to win one of WWE's most coveted prizes. On the March 1 episode of Raw, Jack Swagger defeated Santino Marella, earning his place in the yearly contest, and beginning his trip to The Grandest Stage of Them All.

Though Swagger was willing to do anything to get his hands on the Money in the Bank briefcase, "The All-American American" had numerous equally ambitious competitors standing in his way. For the first time-ever the annual Money in the Bank Ladder Match was contested between 10 Superstars, only adding to the chaos within the ring.

Superstars battled atop the ladders throughout the match, but the contest was ultimately won when Swagger knocked Christian to the mat below using the Money in the Bank Briefcase itself. Though "The All-American American" walked away the victor, other Superstars also went to extraordinary lengths to obtain the coveted briefcase, as evidenced by Kofi Kingston using a broken ladder as a pair of makeshift stilts, and Evan Bourne hitting his awe-inspiring Shooting Star Press of a pair of ladders.

The Money in the Bank Match was a hotly contested one as it was filled with veterans in the dangerous contest such as Matt Hardy, MVP, Kane and Shelton Benjamin. The match also hosted younger up-and-coming competitors as well, such as Dolph Ziggler and Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre, who competed in multiple qualifying matches on SmackDown before gaining admittance into the contest.

Now the two-time collegiate All-American has a golden opportunity to become a first-time World Champion. But with a guaranteed World Title Match at any time of his choosing, when will Swagger decide to cash in his Money in the Bank? And which World Title holder will be forced to square off against the boundless ambition of the brand new Mr. Money in the Bank?

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