CM Punk wins Money in the Bank Ladder Match

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April 05, 2009

HOUSTON - Mr. Money in the Bank CM Punk regained that status from last year, making history as the first person ever to win multiple Money in the Bank Ladder Matches.

The repeat golden opportunist overcame seven worthy opponents, the laws of probability and the laws of physics. In the week leading up to the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania, The Straightedge Superstar admitted, "You really can't ignore what a dangerous match this is."

The briefcase dangled from a 265-foot ceiling and was only obtainable by stunning the seven other competitors long enough to climb one of multiple ladders towering 20 feet over the canvas to detach the coveted prize. It is a feat that is hard enough to accomplish once, but CM Punk has managed to fulfill mission impossible and win the contest twice in as many years.

The victor faced stiff competition, especially from Christian. Captain Charisma, who returned to WWE just more than a month prior, had made it his mission to win this bout, a stipulation he helped to create by participating in the first-ever Money in the Bank Ladder Match. He exuded the type of fearlessness it would have taken to make a run at his first World Title. He even miraculously survived a fall off the ladder while he was on top by catching himself on the ropes and pushing himself back upright, but in the end CM Punk proved he wanted it the most.

Another member of the first Money in the Bank contest was present, as Shelton Benjamin looked for his first win for the stipulation after participating in all but one of the contests that have existed. The former United States Champion is always known for making memorable moments in this type of match, and this year's competition was no exception. He made the ladders his personal jungle gym, swinging off of them and pulling off impressive aerial moves. He even had Punk by his feet as The Straightedge Superstar dangled from a rung. Unfortunately for his seven opponents, Punk was in the same situation last year and like then, he overcame this time.

In addition to facing Christian and Benjamin, CM Punk had to withstand a current champion in United States Champion Montel Vontavious Porter, the high-flying Kofi Kingston, the experienced Finlay with help from his son Hornswoggle, and two massive, intimidating giants in Kane and Mark Henry. The Big Red Machine was a step away from securing the briefcase until Punk regained his balance after hanging by his legs and kicked Kane to the canvas. At that point, it was all CM Punk and no one was close enough to do anything about it.

Now, two questions remain. When will CM Punk cash in his title opportunity, and will he spend wisely and continue the streak of each Money in the Bank Ladder Match winner successfully earning championship gold within a year? Time will tell.

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