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"Today's" maneless event

"Today's" maneless event

After an exhaustingly historic evening witnessing WrestleMania 23, set your alarm clock, go to bed, and wake up nice and early for Monday morning's Today show on NBC. And don't worry about the weather outside; no matter what, your TV will shine nice and bright at 9 a.m. ET—thanks to the world's newest bald billionaire, Donald Trump or Vince McMahon.

Both the winner and loser of WrestleMania's Battle of the Billionaires have agreed to appear on the top-rated NBC-TV morning show, where they will discuss the match that put both men's manes on the barber-shop line. The meeting will mark Mr. Trump's—or Mr. McMahon's—first public appearance following the "Hair vs. Hair" confrontation, so this Monday morning is guaranteed to bristle with tension. Be sure to comb through local listings for the channels carrying Today in your area.

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