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Game time

This year, WrestleMania will have a slightly different feel. Triple H has headlined, or played a major role in every WrestleMania for the last decade, but due to an unfortunate injury, that will change this year. This year, the Cerebral Assassin will be among the more than 70,000 fans jam packed into Detroit's Ford Field. Recently, The Game took a break from his recovery to chat with WWE.com about this year's historic event.

In his own storied WrestleMania career, Triple H has faced each of the four competitors in this year's Championship main events. Last year, the former 10-time World Champion challenged John Cena for the WWE Championship, a prize the Chain Gang leader will once again defend at this year's spectacle. While he was unable to walk away with the gold on that day, Triple H took Cena to the limit, and The Game thinks his DX partner, Shawn Michaels, may have the advantage as he attempts to succeed where so many others have failed. 

"This is going to be a very unique challenge for John," said Triple H. "He's never faced anyone like Shawn in a spot like this before. Having faced HBK at WrestleMania, I can tell you that he's stronger than you expect, faster than you expect, and more resilient than you think. Cena is going to have his hands full."

Despite Triple H's absence from Raw, DX remains strong. The Game continues to stay in touch with HBK as he prepares for one of the biggest matches of his career. Over the years, Michaels has personified WrestleMania, providing breathtaking performances while creating a legacy that may never be matched. Triple H told WWE.com that Shawn appears to be on the path to another showstopping performance.

"This is as motivated as I've ever seen Shawn," said The Game. "The opportunity to wrestle for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania has been like a new shot of life for HBK. It's great to see him feel this way, and be this passionate. This is what Shawn is all about."

Meanwhile, another man Triple H knows well is former partner, Batista, who will face the biggest challenge of his life when he defends the World Heavyweight Championship against the most unstoppable force in WrestleMania history, Undertaker. The Phenom's 14-0 record on sports-entertainment's grandest stage remains as one of the most hallowed streaks in WWE history. Having fell victim to the Deadman himself, Triple H knows the near-impossible challenge that awaits The Animal.

"The Undertaker is a guy that you just can't prepare for," said The Game. "He never stops. He'll keep coming at you until you have nothing left. There is a reason he is called the Phenom, and there's a reason he's never lost at WrestleMania."

While defeating Undertaker may seem like an impossible task, Triple H believes that if anyone can do it, it may be Batista. Since returning from a career-threatening injury in 2006, The Animal has been on a roll, and that momentum may carry him to the biggest victory of his career at WrestleMania.

"He's not in the position he's in by accident," said Triple H. "Batista is as strong and as tough as anyone in the WWE, and he has proven that time and time again. When he wrestled me, he was in the best shape of his career, and that will be a major factor this year. If he shows up in that kind of shape, he has a real shot to end the streak."

While The Game will be unable to perform, he is still looking forward to the unmatched atmosphere that WrestleMania will bring to Ford Field.

"It's our biggest showcase of the year," said Triple H. "It will be fun to be there, and hear 70,000 WWE fans yelling for their favorite Superstars. It will be tough not being able to get in that ring, but I am still going to enjoy the environment."

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