RVD wins Money in the Bank Ladder Match

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April 02, 2005

"Mr. Pay-Per-View" is now "Mr. Money in the Bank."

Rob Van Dam ultimately claimed the coveted briefcase after an athletic, innovative and carnage-filled Ladder Match. Now, RVD can force one world championship match any time during the next 12 months.

The match included many "Big Time" WrestleMania moments, including a number of never-before-seen feats. Shelton Benjamin propped a ladder against Ric Flair, then ran up it and launched into a moonsault to the outside that took out many of the RAW and SmackDown competitors. A three-man, spiked powerbomb out of the sunset-flip position sent Lashley shooting down from atop a ladder inches from victory. And RVD hit a Five Star Frog Splash from what seemed like a mile high. In the end, RVD, Shelton Benjamin and Matt Hardy were spread across two separate ladders within striking distance of the briefcase. Van Dam managed to force Hardy and Benjamin's ladder over, sending them both smashing to the outside. RVD was then clear to secure the briefcase and become a dangerous challenger to the world championship at a time of his choosing.

The match also saw Ric Flair battle through a leg injury suffered from a precipitous drop from atop a ladder — returning to the match after being taken off by medics. Finlay nearly fought his way to victory, even using his shillelagh when necessary. Lashley showed great determination, even managing a Dominator on Shelton Benjamin through the fierce action. But it was "The Whole Dam Show" who would emerge from the frenetic environment with the win.

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