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Vengeance injury update: World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry and Big Show

Dr. Chris Amann has confirmed to WWE.com that World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry and Big Show sustained injuries during last night’s ring collapse at Vengeance. (WATCH)

“Due to the collapse of the ring and the unsteady nature of the wrestling surface, both suffered significant strains of muscles and ligaments in their neck and upper back,” Dr. Amann explained. “We do plan on treating them aggressively with rehab, and we do expect them to be back shortly.”

Dr. Amann wanted to reinforce that Henry and Big Show were quite fortunate they weren’t more badly injured during the World Heavyweight Championship Match.

“With the amount of force and the potential for injury during the match, I would say they were both very lucky they didn’t sustain more serious injuries,” Dr. Amann said.

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