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Kevin Nash: 7-foot ninja?

Kevin Nash: 7-foot ninja?

How does this happen?! How does a globally recognizable former WWE Superstar who just happens to be about seven feet tall and weigh more than 300 pounds “sneak” into a WWE event and interfere in a match … again?! How did Kevin Nash get into San Antonio’s AT&T Center at Vengeance Sunday night? [PHOTOS]

Is Kevin Nash secretly a ninja? Is the invisibility cloak from Harry Potter real, allowing Big Daddy Cool to walk right into the arena unseen? Or did Nash simply celebrate Halloween early and wear a disguise such as a giant green wizard or a Las Vegas high-roller?

Vinnie VegasOne could say it’s possible that Nash casually waited in line at the box office to buy a ticket. If by some slim chance that’s what happened, wasn’t Diesel spotted by any security guards? If he was, those guards surely weren’t descendants of the troops who were outmanned 10-to-1 and gave their lives fighting off outside invaders at The Alamo, which also happens to be in San Antonio.

Whether Nash paid an arena staffer to secretly let him in or somebody inside WWE granted him access for money or motives yet to be known, whomever that person is should be held as accountable as Kevin Nash himself for what happened to WWE COO Triple H at Vengeance.

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