"Impostor Kane" def. Kane

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June 25, 2006

Going into Vengeance, Kane was sure that he would vanquish his impostor once and for all. Instead, the Big Red Monster got a taste of his own medicine en route to an unforgettable loss.

Kane jumped on his impostor as soon as the bell rang, but the faker rattled Kane by doing his signature sit-up move. In fact, the impostor Kane did pretty much everything in the ring the same way the real Big Red Monster would. And while you may think it would be easy enough to take out a mirror image of yourself, Kane wasn't able to figure out how to put away his own "clone."

Towards the end of the hard-hitting contest, impostor Kane went for…well, his signature chokeslam. The real Big Red Monster blocked it, but the faker nailed a big boot and headed up top, only to be caught and slammed down by Kane.

As the Big Red Monster took control, he went for a chokeslam of his own…and in a moment fitting of the circumstances of this match, the exact same sequence happened: Impostor Kane blocked the chokeslam but was nailed with a big boot and Kane went to the top rope.

Kane leaped, but his impostor caught him around the throat as he landed. Impostor Kane hit a thunderous chokeslam, and as the crowd sat in stunned silence he got the three count to defeat the real Big Red Monster. Adding insult to injury, impostor Kane exited the ring using the Kane's signature backwards flip over the ropes.

The fans weren't quite sure what they had just witnessed, and quite frankly, neither am I. But the question has to be asked…has Kane's impostor truly gotten the best of the Big Red Monster?

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