Randy Orton def. Carlito

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September 17, 2006

The last time Randy Orton was live on pay-per-view in Toronto's Air Canada Centre he defeated Chris Benoit became the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history. At Unforgiven, in the same building he earned his position among WWE elite, Orton was able to counter a high-risk aerial maneuver from Carlito and turn it into a match ending RKO. With the victory, Orton went one-up in his personal battle with the Caribbean Superstar.

With Orton's despicable actions before the match -- he insulted Trish Stratus and played down her decision to retire after Unforgiven -- it seemed like Carlito would have all the ammunition he'd need to pull him through to victory. But the turnout that would have avenged Orton's shameful actions toward Trish didn't happen. In the end, Orton's in-ring awareness allowed him to emerge victorious. The Legend Killer may have come out on top at Unforgiven, but the question remains: was that the end of the rivalry between these two young Superstars; or, was it simply the end of the beginning?

Carlito may be one of the coolest Superstars in WWE, but he's also aggressive and dedicated to climbing the ranks in sports-entertainment. There's one question that has yet to be answered: what type of aggression would Carlito unleash if he ever lost his cool? And is Randy Orton the one who can elicit that kind of reaction from Carlito?

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