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A "cool" encounter?

As first announced on WWE.com on Monday, Carlito and Randy Orton will try to solve their differences when they square off at Unforgiven on Sept. 17.

Tension has been building between the two Superstars for weeks, as the two have taken turns attacking one another. It all started when Carlito mocked Orton for losing to Hulk Hogan at SummerSlam, and the two have taken turns attacking each other since then. But as Orton told WWE.com, he really had no problem with Carlito before this all began.

“I respected Carlito; he’s a second-generation Superstar, and of course I’m a third-generation Superstar,” Orton admitted. “I’ve accomplished a lot more in my career than he has, but on a personal level, I respected him and his work in the ring.”

Now, however, the Legend Killer has altered his stance on the Caribbean Superstar.

“Now that I will be facing him, I have to take a second look. He’s bright, he’s young, and   he’s got a great future in WWE, but messing with me is the wrong way to go about things. This all started with him disrespecting me, and he’s messing up his career.”

Of course, the second-generation Caribbean sees things a little bit differently.

“I’m sick and tired of Randy Orton and his claims; we’re two young hungry guys, and at Unforgiven I’m going to show Randy Orton that I can hang with him. He’s shown Carlito no respect, and that’s exactly what Carlito will show him. He interrupted me and that’s one thing you don’t do. I’m not just looking to beat him; I’m looking to hurt him.”

On the August 28 RAW, Orton attacked Carlito from behind after he and Trish Stratus had just shared a kiss in the locker room area. Both Trish and Carlito were left lying, but Orton insists the attack was meant solely for Carlito.

“If Trish got hurt or whatever, I didn’t hit her. Carlito hit Trish because I ran into him. So whatever happened, I never touched Trish; that’s my stance on that,” Orton smugly replied. “But blindsiding Carlito? He did the same thing to me. You mess with me, you get it back tenfold.”

Actually, it was Orton who “got it back” later that night; during the Legend Killer’s match with Jeff Hardy to determine the No. 1 Contender to the Intercontinental Championship, Carlito came to the ring and spit apple in his face. That eventually led to Hardy defeating Orton, only fueling the Legend Killer’s hatred for Carlito. In fact, he admitted that it’s not even the Intercontinental Championship that matters to him now.

“As far as the Intercontinental Championship goes…I’ve been there and done that,” Orton said cockily. “I was one of the longest reigning Intercontinental Champions in history, but I’m on to bigger and better things like the WWE Championship. Carlito’s now just another stepping stone towards that.”

To Carlito, that situation was nothing more than a receipt for Orton’s actions earlier in the night.

“Orton seems to be crying a lot lately, whether it’s about losing to Hogan or what Carlito did to him,” the Caribbean Superstar laughed. “I really don’t care what he’s crying about. He screwed Carlito over first, so it’s all about payback.”

One thing is for sure: someone will get the last laugh on Sept. 17 in Toronto. But if you ask the Legend Killer, who actually does shouldn’t even be in question.

“True, Hogan beat me…but true, he didn’t kick out of the RKO. If Hulk Hogan can barely muster a victory over the Legend Killer, how is Carlito going to fare?”

The whole world will find out at Unforgiven.

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