Mr. Kennedy def. Undertaker (First Blood Match)

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November 26, 2006

The sold-out crowd in Philadelphia's Wachovia Center wasn't sure which was harder to stomach: the way Ken Kennedy pulled off the upset of all upsets—defeating Undertaker in their First Blood Match at Survivor Series—or the major ass-whooping the Phenom handed Kennedy after the match. Either way, it wasn't pretty.

Knowing his opponent was a Superstar who started a decade and a half of destruction by defeating Hulk Hogan at Survivor Series 1991, Kennedy was right when he told Kristal backstage that this would be "the biggest match of my career." He was wrong, however, to buy into what Montel Vontavious Porter—MVP—was selling him: that despite the recent differences between them on SmackDown, it was now "a clean slate" between them, and that he would have Kennedy's back out in the ring.

The Philly fans certainly weren't backing Kennedy as he got on the mic and declared himself "the future of sports-entertainment." Instead, they saved their ovations for every punch doled out by Undertaker, who physically dominated the match from the onset. The Deadman practically dissected his opponent's ribs and kidney area until Kennedy surprised him with a low blow, buying time to catch his breath outside the ring. Instead, he started coughing up blood, which should have ended the match right there. The infuriated crowd screamed for distracted referee Charles Robinson to take notice, but by the time he turned his attention to the outside apron, MVP had already arrived and wiped the blood away from Kennedy's mouth.

Appearing to have had his fill of Undertaker, Kennedy started walking up the ramp, until MVP whirled him around and threw him back in the ring. Undertaker again took the offensive, and it looked like he was about to draw first blood for a second time until MVP entered the ring with a steel chair. Seeing MVP coming toward him, Kennedy ducked at the last second, and the unforgiving steel crashed against the Deadman's skull, busting him wide open. The crowd unanimously booed and jeered as the referee called for the bell, then awarded the unlikeliest of victories to Kennedy.

Standing over a seemingly-down and out Undertaker, "the future of sports-entertainment" grabbed the mic and pronounced himself the winner—until the Phenom's hand grabbed him by the throat. The crowd noise reached a fever pitch as Undertaker pummeled Kennedy's face with a barrage of lefts and rights, blasted the top of his skull with a steel chair, and delivered a Tombstone Piledriver that shook the ring's foundations. If Ken Kennedy was truly the winner this night, then he can only be grateful that he wasn't the loser; otherwise, Undertaker would have made sure that he'd forever rest in peace.

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