DX, CM Punk, Matt & Jeff Hardy def. Rated-RKO), Johnny Nitro, Gregory Helms & Mike Knox (Traditional Survivor Series Match)

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November 26, 2006

Going into Survivor Series, many wondered if the team of DX, The Hardys & CM Punk was the greatest assemblage of talent ever. Live in Philadelphia, that quintet certainly sent a message to any doubters, becoming the first quintet ever to survive a Traditional Survivor Series Match intact when they pitched a shutout in defeating Team Rated-RKO. 

The crowd was solidly behind Team DX, erupting when CM Punk, the man Triple H called the future of ECW, asked them if they were ready. As if having the nearly 18,000 fans in the sold out Wachovia Center behind their opponents wasn't enough, perhaps Team Rated-RKO should have seen the writing on the wall when Mike Knox was eliminated less than a minute into the match thanks to HBK's Sweet Chin Music.

Later, after CM Punk's elimination of Johnny Nitro and the Hardys' tandem elimination of Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms, Edge & Randy Orton found themselves at a 5-on-2 disadvantage. The World Tag Team Champions decided to live to fight another day, but the Hardys tracked them down and sent them back to the ring. After a little Sweet Chin Music, Edge was eliminated and Orton was on his own.

Three years in a row, Orton was the sole survivor on his Survivor Series team…but the fourth time wasn't the charm for the Legend Killer. He tried to run again, only to be thwarted by the Hardys and Punk. Once Orton was brought back to the ring, DX quickly finished him off, with a Pedigree giving Triple H the final pinfall.

"This is a very talented group," HBK told WWE.com after the match. "I'm not big on records, but I'm happy that CM Punk and the Hardys were able to be part of something that went so well."

And when asked about the ovation he received, Punk added that "these Philly fans are great fans, and if you can be loved by them, you can be loved anywhere. They have seen me grow, they lifted me here; I was happy they were there for me and I was happy to perform for them."

DX certainly got payback on Edge & Orton for Cyber Sunday, and may have decisively taken the upper hand in their rivalry. Team Rated-RKO certainly wasn't "ready" for the juggernaut that hit them at Survivor Series, ending up on the short end of Survivor Series history.

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