World Heavyweight Champion Kane vs. Edge (Draw)

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November 21, 2010

MIAMI - At WWE's second longest running pay-per-view, a controversial ending left the fiery conflict between World Heavyweight Champion Kane and his No. 1 contender Edge without a resolution. Match photos

Edge threw Kane for a loop before the match even began, emerging with an empty wheelchair -- the very instrument of intimidation that had held Paul Bearer just two days earlier on SmackDown. Once the intense battle commenced, the ruthlessness that ensued became as much about the fate of Kane's father as that of the coveted title. Absolute brutality dominated every moment, making it impossible for the WWE Universe to predict a clear winner. Kane countered the Spear. Edge kicked out after the chokeslam. Then, in the midst of endless turmoil, The Rated-R Superstar dug deep, finally hitting the Spear and falling onto Kane for the pin attempt. But, as he did, he did not realize that his  shoulders were also on the canvas. As a result, the referee pinned both Superstars and declared the match a draw.

The battle continued after the match, when an enraged Edge dropped Kane into the vacant wheelchair and hurled him through the ringside barricade.

Kane has indeed proven himself to be the "Devil's Favorite Demon." After burying The Undertaker alive at WWE Bragging Rights, Kane stood unchecked to utilize the full "power" of the underworld. And with Paul Bearer by his side, The Big Red Monster has been virtually unstoppable. However, even against the evil Kane, The Rated-R Superstar seemed able.

Edge captured his World Heavyweight Championship opportunity in a whirlwind Triple Threat No. 1 Contender's Match against Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio on the Oct. 29 episode of SmackDown.

No stranger to battling the forces of darkness -- winning two of his nine World Titles from Kane's legendary brother -- The Ultimate Opportunist immediately launched into a maniacal psychological assault on his frightening foe. Abducting Paul Bearer on the Nov. 12 episode of SmackDown, The Rater-R Superstar caused the champion to lose to Big Show and showed the WWE Universe a kink in the champion's demonic armor.

On the final SmackDown just 48 hours before Survivor Series, with Paul Bearer still in Edge's clutches, The Ultimate Opportunist's unpredictable actions continued to produce their desired results. While the irate Kane pursued his No. 1 contender, Edge introduced "The Father of Destruction" to a new kind of hell. As Kane headed into Survivor Series, the tactics of his crazed adversary appeared to be causing him to become both unfocused and unglued.

Despite World Heavyweight Champion Kane's dark determination and Edge's calculated madness, it was the unforeseen element of chance that was destined to prevail at Survivor Series. And on the event that marked the twentieth anniversary of The Undertaker's WWE debut, his horrific brother walked away with the "holy grail" by default.

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