The Great Khali def. Hornswoggle (DQ)

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November 18, 2007

MIAMI -- The largest mismatch in WWE history saw The Great Khali taking on Hornswoggle in a match made by Hornswoggle's father, Mr. McMahon. With his father building up his confidence all night and his half-brother Shane making a surprise appearance, the fired up li'llegitimate son of the Chairman entered the ring for the contest and came face-to-leg with the dominant Khali once more, crushing any ego boosts provided by the unified McMahons. 

Overpowered and undersized, Hornswoggle showed his heart was bigger than his stature as he braved the gigantic task at Survivor Series. With the red-hot Miami crowd firmly behind him, Hornswoggle did all he could to avoid the clutches of Khali, but the Punjab Giant had a point to prove, and when he finally grabbed hold of the mini-sized McMahon, it appeared that the match and Hornswoggle's tenure in a WWE ring would come to a Vise-Gripped end.

To the surprise of our fans and Hornswoggle himself, the leprechaun's longtime "friend" Finlay made his way to the ring wielding the shillelagh, and he systematically destroyed Khali before leaving the American Airlines Arena with the bastard son of Mr. McMahon in tow. But what led the Irishman, a normally hard-nosed, hard-hitting Superstar to come to the aid of Hornswoggle?

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