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Familiarity breeds contempt

Familiarity breeds contempt

For months, the relationship between Matt Hardy and United States Champion MVP has been like a roller coaster. One day they're bitter rivals battling over the U.S. Title, the next they're the WWE Tag Team Champions. Today, they're best friends -- well, at least according to MVP -- but at Survivor Series, they'll be back in roles they haven't filled in quite a while: Opponents. The U.S. Champion will be part of Umaga's team in the Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match, while Hardy is one of Triple H's teammates in the 10-Man tussle.

The two were almost opponents at Cyber Sunday, but an injury sustained by Hardy just days before resulted in the match being called off and MVP taking on Kane instead. Hardy was there and ready to compete -- and was really looking forward to it, in fact -- but while MVP was not thrilled about his partner getting injured, the Ballin' Superstar was happy about not having to face his friend.

Now that they will be on opposite sides of the ring at Survivor Series, do they still feel the same way?

"Listen, Matt has become a very dear friend of mine; he's my tag team partner, and I go out of my way to look after him and make sure he's all right," MVP candidly chimed. "But it's my intention to win, because all my life I've been a survivor. I've survived the odds time and again, overcome insurmountable odds, and I intend to do that again."

Obviously, the desire to win is still foremost in MVP's mind, regardless of the circumstances.

"Hey, if it's Matt standing in my way of winning Survivor Series, then I have no choice but to eliminate him so I can be the sole survivor," MVP admitted. "There's no question in my mind that he would do the same. But I believe very firmly that we've solidified our relationship to the point that no matter what happens, we'll get through this together and continue to co-exist as WWE Tag Team Champions. Our relationship is much stronger than any Survivor Series match."

After seeing what happened on SmackDown this past Friday, however -- where miscommunication nearly cost MVP & Hardy the WWE Tag Team Championship -- one of Cameron, N.C.'s finest is not exactly thinking on the same page as his buddy.

"I don't really think our relationship can get much odder, just perhaps more volatile," Matt said. "I'm excited to get a chance to be on the opposite side of the ring since it didn't happen at Cyber Sunday due to my injury. I know deep down that if I can pin MVP, it would be a step in the right direction toward getting another United States Championship Match. Don't get me wrong -- I'm happy being a WWE Tag Team Champion and I hold that title in high regard, but my ultimate goal is to become U.S. Champion."

It's clear that when it comes to this Survivor Series scenario, both men agree on one thing: They want to win. Unfortunately, while MVP & Hardy may be on the same page in that regard, their words paint a picture that suggests they might not even be in the same chapter on anything else. With so many other mitigating factors -- such as the pre-Survivor Series SmackDown tag team match pitting The Hardys against MVP & Mr. Kennedy that was first announced in a WWE Mobile on AT&T exclusive video -- this powder keg could explode at any time without anyone even suspecting it.

Familiarity does, in fact, breed contempt; once MVP & Matt Hardy are back in their familiar roles as opponents, will that contempt push them to the point of no return?

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