Triple H def. Ric Flair (Last Man Standing Match)

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September 30, 2005

At Taboo Tuesday, a bloodied and beaten Ric Flair managed to escape the confines of a Steel Cage to defeat Triple H. This time, Triple H made sure that The 'Nature Boy' didn't make it 2-for-2 in their Last Man Standing Match.

Triple H met Flair in the entrance aisle to jumpstart the match, and the two brawled throughout the crowd. Triple H grabbed a chair, but the crafty Flair met him with a kendo stick, sending Triple H scurrying. The Game then found a screwdriver under the ring, and used it to bloody his opponent early in the contest.

A gutsy Flair wouldn't give up, and the two men continued to brawl on the floor. After a spinebuster, The Game urged Flair to stay down or his career would be ended. After Flair recovered, Triple H set him up for a Pedigree on the RAW announce table, but the 'Nature Boy' blocked it, back body dropping The Game through the Spanish announce table instead!

Flair then worked over his adversary's leg, but Triple H continually beat the count. Flair slapped on the Figure-Four, using the ropes for leverage. The Game tried to tap out, but it made no difference under Last Man Standing Rules. He would manage to beat the count, and after subduing Flair, brought the ring steps into the squared circle. After hitting Flair once, his second attempt was blocked, and Flair seemed to be in control.

However, out of nowhere, Triple H managed to hit the Pedigree, and Flair was in trouble. He managed to beat the count, prompting Triple H to hit a second Pedigree, then a third. Flair continually beat the count, so Triple H went to the floor, and found his trusty sledgehammer. The Game hit one fatal blow to Flair's back, and that was enough to finally keep him down. Flair was unable to beat the count, and Triple H was victorious to even the score with his former best friend.

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