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Instant Access with Edge

After announcing his new segment The Cutting Edge, Edge joined WWE.com Instant Access to talk about the show, Dmitri Young and more.

WWE.com: What can we expect from The Cutting Edge?
Edge: What you can expect is the truth. Throughout my career I haven't hid from the truth, I've confronted it. Confronted it to the point where people like Matt Hardy, Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, haven't always liked it. But I don't care. You see, I've dubbed myself the rated-R Superstar because I'm controversial. I'm actually the worst person that the WWE could have given a live mic with no censor to ... or maybe the best.

WWE.com: Why didn't you take it to Dmitri Young?
Edge: Well, I took it to him verbally. I have no reason to soil my hands with Dmitri Young. Who is he? He's a chumpstain who I'd wipe the mat with. You see, I have bigger fish to fry. And you guessed that it involves the WWE Championship ... because I am Mr. Money in the Bank.


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