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WWE Championship Match
Big Show def. Brock Lesnar to become new WWE Champion

Brock Lesnar seemed unstoppable at the time. But Big Show is the biggest athlete in the world. So, if anyone could dethrone Lesnar, it would be Big Show. Lesnar was able to go on the offensive early and used his immense strength to take down Big Show with an overhead suplex and followed it up with an F5. Lesnar went for the pin, but his manager Paul Heyman pulled the ref out, turning on his man in the process.

Big Show took advantage of the situation right away as Lesnar was distracted by Heyman's actions. Big Show hoisted Lesnar up for a mammoth chokeslam and pinned him for his second WWE Championship. Both of Big Show's WWE Championship victories came at a Survivor Series event.

World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match
Shawn Michaels def. Triple H, Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho and Kane to become new World Heavyweight Champion

This was the first ever Elimination Chamber Match. The ring is enclosed by the Chamber which is made of steel and chain. There are four chambers attached to the structure where four Superstars wait for their turn to enter to the ring. The other two Superstars start the match in the ring. The chambers are opened at a predetermined amount of time until each Superstar has entered the ring. The match continues until only one Superstar remains.

Rob Van Dam started the match along with then World Heavyweight Champion Triple H. In order to defend his Championship, Triple H would have to go through every single competitor. RVD and Triple H went back and forth until Chris Jericho entered the Elimination Chamber. Jericho teamed up with Triple H in the beginning as they went after RVD.

RVD staved off the double team, and Booker T entered. Booker provided no relief for Van Dam, however, as he cleaned house on everyone and topped it off with a Spinarooni. The action continued, and RVD recovered as he scaled the top rope. RVD hit a Five Star Frogsplash on Triple H, but Booker T came back and hit Van Dam with a Missile Dropkick for the first elimination. Kane was the next man in and went right to work on everyone. He hit a chokeslam on Booker T, and Jericho followed it up with a Lion Sault for the pin, eliminating the five-time WCW Champion.

Shawn Michaels was the final man to enter the ring, and after a brief offensive flurry, Kane cleaned house, taking everyone out with chokeslams. Before Kane could get a pin on anyone, though, HBK was able to hit him with Sweet Chin Music. Triple H then hit the Pedigree and Jericho landed another Lion Sault for another elimination as the Big Red Monster was gone.

Jericho and Triple H were able to temporarily incapacitate HBK, leaving them to fight each other. Jericho locked The Game in the Walls of Jericho, but the Showstopper recovered and laid him out with Sweet Chin Music for the pin leaving HBK against the man that took him out with a Sledgehammer: Triple H. Michaels went for the Sweet Chin Music, but The Game was able to block it. He hit the Pedigree, but it only got a two count. The Cerebral Assassin went for a second Pedigree, but HBK was able to turn it into Sweet Chin Music for the World Heavyweight Championship.

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