The top 10 SummerSlams in history

With more than a quarter-century of history behind it, SummerSlam has produced more treasured memories than almost any other pay-per-view event. What better way to salute one of WWE’s top tentpole events than to rank its 10 greatest shows in history?

Surely, an endeavor as ambitious as narrowing down the top 10 SummerSlams is bound to stir up a lively debate. Which was better: SummerSlam 2001, with its massive WCW influence, or the Hart Foundation-heavy edition in 1997? Was the record-breaking attendance of SummerSlam 1992 enough to trump the thrills and spills of SummerSlam 2008? These are only a few of the questions considered in preparing the list.

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Review our ranking, then cast your vote for the edition of SummerSlam you believe is worthy of being recognized as the greatest of all time. Contenders welcome.