Brock Lesnar def. Triple H

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August 19, 2012

LOS ANGELES — Paul Heyman vowed Brock Lesnar would make Triple H tap out and end his career at SummerSlam, and when the clouds of “The Perfect Storm” broke, Heyman’s bold prediction appeared to have veracity. Lesnar defeated Triple H in an intrepid war that has game-changing ramifications for the entire WWE, not the least of which is the potential departure of Triple H as an in-ring competitor. (PHOTOSTRIPLE H INJURY UPDATE | WATCH: PAUL HEYMAN EXCLUSIVE)

The much vaunted win marks a crowning achievement for the unruly “fighter with ultimate credentials,” but for The Game, the match may well represent the final chapter. Looking like a battered gladiator who had just fought the war of his life, The King of Kings exited STAPLES Center to loud applause. In losing, Triple H fought valiantly, tirelessly. Having left it all out in the ring, there will be no dishonor for The Game — no matter whose hand was raised — and no questions about his resolve.

It took Lesnar 20 minutes of some of the most physically intense action ever witnessed by the WWE Universe to accomplish what he set out to do. Battle-weary, a groggy Lesnar managed to tap out the WWE COO with the Kimura Lock, the same hold that broke Triple H’s arm in April and Shawn Michaels’ arm last Monday.

With his best friend, HBK, laid up due to injuries caused by Lesnar, Triple H dauntlessly ventured into battle alone against Lesnar, who had his incorrigible representative, Paul Heyman, ringside. Tweeting from home, HBK wrote prior to the match, “This match is gonna be about more than winning or losing, but about surviving.”

HBK’s tweet was prescient. Once the bell rang, the two gladiators charged at each other full force. Lesnar used his boulder-sized shoulders to jam The Game into the corner. An early attempt to cinch in the Kimura Lock was fruitless, as Triple H escaped and disposed of Lesnar over the top rope. After taking a moment to recompose himself, Lesnar re-entered the ring, removed his MMA-style gloves and glared menacingly across the ring. Lesnar repeatedly targeted Triple H’s left arm, key-locking the limb and slamming Triple H on it (once on a table), stomping on it and sending Triple H arm and shoulder first into the steel ring steps. The Game withstood the punishment, firing off his own DDT and nailing Lesnar with stiff blows.

At roughly six minutes in, blood began dripping from Lesnar’s nostril — inevitably the product of one of Triple H’s bruising punches. The “pain” would not yet be over for either Superstar.

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