Mark Henry def. Sheamus (Count-out)

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August 14, 2011

LOS ANGELES – Mark Henry emerged from an intense battle at SummerSlam with a count-out victory over Sheamus. And though the ferocious World’s Strongest Man continued his winning ways before the capacity crowd at the STAPLES Center, The Celtic Warrior surely gave him one of his most formidable challenges to date. (Match photos)

From the opening bell, Henry and Sheamus ripped into each other with unrelenting force. Neither Superstar would allow the other to breathe in an all-out brawl of pure emotion. Then, in an incredible display of power, Sheamus blasted his furious foe with the Brogue Kick, knocking him through the ropes and out into the ringside floor. However, before the first-ever Irish-born former WWE Champion could finish his prey, The World’s Strongest Man turned the tables, hurling The Celtic Warrior into the steel ring post. Without warning, he followed up his assault by launching his fallen opponent through the ringside barricade, causing it to completely break apart. Though Sheamus tried to recover in time to beat the referee’s count, in the end, the assault from his brutal adversary proved too severe.   

Mark Henry’s rampage in recent months – over any and all that have gotten in his way – has sent shockwaves throughout WWE. He took out the likes of Big Show, Kane, Vladimir Kozlov and even a WWE sound technician who fell onto his dangerous radar. It seems that Henry derives pleasure not just with defeating his opponents, but by destroying them completely.

But, just when it appeared that no Superstar had the guts to take on the uncontrollable World’s Strongest Man, the fierce Sheamus decided to pick a fight. On the July 29 edition of SmackDown, The Celtic Warrior fearlessly laid down the gauntlet of battle, shocking the WWE Universe by slapping Henry. He then evaded his infuriated adversary’s charge, causing a humiliated Henry to plummet from the ring. In the weeks that followed, Sheamus would continue to be a tremendous thorn in Henry’s side, taunting the massive grappler at every turn. And although Henry would not engage the instigating Irishman before The Biggest Event of the Summer, it was only a matter of time before he would have his revenge.

The explosive showdown between Mark Henry and Sheamus ended as it began, in a rush of absolute destruction. But, despite the Irishman’s fearless spirit, the pure brutality of The World’s Strongest Man proved once again to be unstoppable. Is there any Superstar that can quell his wrath?  

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