John Cena def. WWE Champion Edge (DQ)

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July 15, 2006

Going into Saturday Night’s Main Event, John Cena said the fans should expect to see a fight when he took on WWE Champion Edge…and that’s exactly what the 17,343 fans in the sold out American Airlines Arena saw.

In order to regain the WWE Championship from Edge, Cena needed to score a pinfall or submission; but while he had Edge locked in the STFU in the middle of the ring, Lita’s interference gave Cena the win by DQ, which doesn’t cause the Championship to change hands.

Control in the match went back and forth, but it was Cena who took command after he hit the Rated R Superstar with a Five Knuckle Shuffle and an FU. With Edge visibly stunned, Cena went for the cover and it looked as if a new Champion would emerge. However, Lita wasn’t about to let her man lose without doing her part to help him retain his Championship. When Cena covered Edge, she yanked the referee out of the ring, interrupting his count. This gave Edge the chance to regroup, but he couldn’t catch Cena off guard. After Edge missed a Spear, Cena locked in the STFU; with nowhere to turn, it looked as if Edge would have no choice but to submit. That’s when Lita grabbed the referee again; but this time, she added a smack to his face, causing the ref to signal for the bell.

Cena thought the bell was called for the submission, and dropped to his knees believing he just reclaimed WWE gold. Unfortunately, his happiness turned to rage when he realized the bell was called for a disqualification. As Cena stood shocked in the ring, Edge got his composure and was able to catch Cena with a Spear.

With Cena laid out in the ring, Edge took his time leaving ringside, but made the mistake of taking his eyes off Cena.  The challenger got a second wind, and something devious seemed to take over that caused Cena to lose control. He slammed Edge in the face with a TV monitor, then draped the Rated R Superstar over his back, climbed to the top of the steel steps and slammed him into the announcers’ table with an FU.

Edge may still be the WWE Champion, but it was Cena who was able to walk away from their match with his head held high.

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