Title reign length or reign count: What's more impressive?

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May 30, 2012

What is the barometer of greatness for a champion in WWE? Some argue that it's how many title reigns you can rack up, which proves your staying power in the championship picture for a long period of time. Others say it's the quality, not the quantity of a reign that matters; that keeping the title around your waist for months upon months (or possibly years) is the way to be remembered as a dominant champion.

While a strong case can be made on either side of this debate, WWE.com wants to know for sure: What is the true test of a champion's greatness?

Now that WWE Champion CM Punk's reign has stretched to WWE's longest in four years, it's an opportune time to lay out all of the talking points in an attempt to settle the score. Who better to lend opinions on the matter than WWE Superstars who have all risen to championship glory?

In this WWE.com exclusive, find out what John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Christian, The Miz and Booker T think as we present compelling viewpoints for reign length and reign count. Once you've read both arguments, cast your vote in WWE.com's poll and let your voice be heard.

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