Is Christian pulling a con job on the WWE Universe?

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June 04, 2012

It’s tough to trust an Intercontinental Champion with a crooked smile.

It just comes naturally for Christian, who, when relishing a moment or getting caught up in a spirited discussion with an adversary, grows a half-grin. The left side of his mouth curls to a smile while the right side rests somewhat taut and emotionless. It's part of his charm, part of being Captain Charisma. But it is also reminiscent of the times when Christian's grin accompanied his ill-willed acts inside the squared circle.

Every time Christian shows off his pearly whites while holding that prestigious Intercontinental Title in his hand, there may be a hint of doubt nestled in some corner of the WWE Universe’s collective psyche about what might be his true intentions. Does the grin just mean that the guileful Captain Charisma is simply happy to be back on top, proud to possess championship gold once again? Or is it that other side, the matter-of-fact facial expression on the other half of his face that the Peeps should be mindful of going forward?

There’s something about the combination of Christian and the Intercontinental Championship that has brought the selfish side out of the Canadian-born Superstar in the past. That volatile mix once sent Christian down a sinister road to seize the spotlight for himself, at the expense of his longtime tag team partner and best friend, WWE Hall of Famer Edge, more than a decade ago.

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