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Spear today, champ tomorrow?

Spear today, champ tomorrow?

ORLANDO, Fla. -- The World Heavyweight Champion Edge had one of the most eventful nights in SmackDown history, taking our fans on a roller coaster ride of emotion with one goal -- gaining momentum as he heads toward a Last Chance showdown at Vengeance: Night of Champions with Batista. After Assistant General Manager Vickie Guerrero announced the two huge main events to take place on SmackDown -- Edge versus Chris Benoit and Batista versus United States Champ MVP -- Edge showed our fans the lows he is willing to go to remain the champion. Ultimately, Batista countered by leaving the champion on his back after a spear, thwarting any attempts to break him down.
The Rated-R Superstar's night began sour when he invited Mr. McMahon to be a guest on The Cutting Edge. Edge had words of encouragement for the former ECW World Champion, and the delusional Chairman took Edge's praise as a mocking of his current title-less condition. McMahon told Edge he would defend his title at Vengeance: Night of Champions in a Last Chance Match against Batista. If Edge defeats The Animal on June 24, the former champion will never again face Edge for the gold.
Looking to gain any momentum heading into that Night of Champions encounter, Edge entered his first action on SmackDown since cashing in his Money in the Bank and winning the title from Undertaker. As the Rated-R Superstar took on Chris Benoit in an instant classic, he proved again that he can find a way to win. The champion had his arm raised in the non-title affair despite an incredible performance from Chris Benoit.
Edge's Night of Champions opponent Batista was also in action, taking on the United States Champion MVP in a one-on-one contest. MVP claimed prior to the match that, "I am better than you Batista in every way conceivable." Porter even went as far as taunting Batista, saying, "I am something you are not Batista -- a champion." He continued, "when I am in the ring, I am straight up…ballin'." Though the brazen Porter had all the confidence in his abilities going into the match, the power of The Animal is enough to make any man's ego dissolve.
Seeing the match between Porter and Batista as an opening, the Ultimate Opportunist Edge acted against Batista, perhaps paranoid over losing his title. Hoping to soften The Animal before their Last Chance Match at Vengeance: Night of Champions, the Rated-R Superstar attacked. As it appeared Edge had Batista where he wanted him, The Animal exploded, delivering a thunderous spear of his own to the champion, sending the clear message that he will not be the hunted. 
Less than two weeks from the very first pay-per-view to feature every WWE title up for grabs, desperation has become the motivation for Edge. As he furiously tries to rid himself of Batista week after week, the Rated-R Superstar may very well be painting himself into a corner. When you try to corner an animal, it fights even harder for its survival, much like Batista has been doing in his pursuit of the richest prize in sports-entertainment.

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