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Hell's fire in the jungle

Hell's fire in the jungle

LONDON, ONTARIO, Canada -- The self-proclaimed King of the Jungle may have won the battle on SmackDown, but the jungle may be set ablaze at One Night Stand when the war between he and Kane reignites in a Lumberjack Match.

In the Fatal Four Way collision the previous week on SmackDown, Kane and Henry exchanged a barrage of big blows in hopes of becoming the No.1 contender to face Edge this Sunday. Batista emerged victorious, the two behemoths blamed each other for their missed opportunity and a new rivalry was birthed. The beef between these men brewed heavily leading into Friday night and both the Big Red Monster and the World's Strongest Man were anxious to expunge one another's name from the SmackDown roster -- and quite possibly the face of London, Ontario, Canada. (WATCH)

It was slobberknocker in the truest sense -- though J.R. was nowhere nearby to call it such -- as Kane traded countless high-impact attacks with the 400-pound mastodon, Mark Henry. The Big Red Monster seemed relentless, enduring the World's Strongest Man's most damaging slams -- possibly connecting with his fallen brother, Undertaker. In a retributive return attack, Kane blasted the man who decimated The Phenom weeks ago and attempted to match Henry's immeasurable power.

Ultimately, the power of the World's Strongest Man proved critical to the match as Kane launched himself at Henry on the outside. Not only did Henry catch the flying 300-pound human napalm in his enormous arms, but he then kept Kane jammed in those arms with a bearhug. As the referee counted to 10, Henry intelligently kept his opponent locked in the squeeze to drain Kane and allow the count to proceed.

With just enough time to get back in the ring, the King of the Jungle drove the Big Red Monster's flame-scarred body into the steel ringpost and earned a victory by count-out. Henry celebrated briefly and before he could shuffle his massive frame up the aisle, Kane had already risen to his feet. The fiery former WWE Champion then called out to his rival from the ring, assuring our fans that this battle of the beasts is not over yet.

Instantly, Assistant General Manager Vickie Guerrero -- in her very first official duty on SmackDown -- penned a Lumberjack Match to take place at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view on Sunday. Kane will participate in the contest of the "strangest" at Saturday Night's Main Event and go on to compete against Mark Henry with the ring flanked by droves of WWE Superstars.

Again, it remains to be seen if these men can be contained by any number of athletes. Can the city of Jacksonville contain these monsters at One Night Stand? Or will the destruction run far beyond Henry's jungles into the sizzling fires of hell itself?

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