SmackDown Five-Point Preview: Nov. 30, 2012

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November 30, 2012

Why has John Cena come back to SmackDown?

Tonight, John Cena follows up last week’s rare Friday night appearance with his second SmackDown in as many weeks — starting things off at the top of the show. But what prompts the Cenation leader to revisit the blue brand? In this case, it may just be all about the “Money.”

After the 10-time WWE Champion defeated adversary Dolph Ziggler in an epic one-on-one battle Monday on Raw, he was left limping as he tweaked his previously injured knee. But maybe that wasn’t the only lingering effect of their battle.

Throughout the “AJ scandal,” Ziggler has clearly been obsessed with Cena, but has Cena begun to zero in on Ziggler as well? Further to the point, has Cena come to Friday night specifically seeking The Showoff? And if so, what does he have in mind for his mouthy foe?

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