SuperSmackDown LIVE Five-Point Preview: Nov. 6, 2012

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November 05, 2012

Where will the ax ‘Fall’?

Tonight on SuperSmackDown LIVE, the battlefield in the ongoing rivalry between Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio is about to get a whole lot larger. Just three days after the food flew freely in a backstage brawl between the two cunning warriors on Friday’s SmackDown, they will face off in a brutal Fall Count Anywhere Match.                    

There is no love lost between WWE’s Apex Predator and his affluent adversary, who has laid claim to that same moniker. Orton no doubt spilled addition fuel on the fire last night on Raw, however, when the distraction of his entrance music caused The Mexican Aristocrat to lose to Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston — and then suffer a post-match RKO, compliments of The Viper.

Now, in a contest that not only encourages anarchy, but also insists upon it, one has to wonder whether the action will truly be one-on-one? Certainly wherever Del Rio goes, the devious Ricardo Rodriguez is never far behind — always ready to give his employer a handing hand. Furthermore, as the event will air from Birmingham, England, can the WWE Universe expect some sort of involvement from the treacherous home-country Superstar, Wade Barrett — the bare-knuckle Brit who has recently reignited his rivalry with The Viper and who is no stranger to chaotic encounters. It’s worth mentioning that since there is no disqualification, any potential interference would be perfectly legal.

Can the nine-time World Champion overcome the overwhelming threat before him, whether it be from the conniving Del Rio or numerous other unseen threats?      

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