Is Alberto Del Rio being shortchanged?

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June 26, 2012

Del Rio's destiny road

Destiny can be a funny thing. Just ask Alberto Del Rio.

Since his first days in WWE, The Mexican Aristocrat has stated that winning World Championship gold was his destiny. While it’s true that he’s been able to capture the WWE Title on two separate occasions, the Superstar’s recent bid to capture the World Heavyweight Championship has been littered with a series of almosts and could-have-beens. Moreover, four months after his return to WWE, Del Rio still hasn’t gotten his much deserved one-on-one title match for that elusive prize, which has led to wonder: Is Del Rio being shortchanged?

Following the controversial ending in his No. 1 Contender’s Contract-on-a-Pole Match on Monday’s Raw SuperShow against Dolph Ziggler, Del Rio will compete in a Triple Threat Championship bout on Friday’s SmackDown – once again putting him up against the odds. With just a 33 percent chance of emerging from the match as World Champion, it’s feasible The Mexican Aristocrat comes away empty-handed even if he isn’t pinned by the eventual victor.

How did Del Rio get to be in this position, and can he make the most of it?

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