SmackDown results: Six-Man Main Event sent London 'Strong Man' falling down

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April 20, 2012

Daniel Bryan told AJ that he wished she was never born

LONDON – Just nine days before Extreme Rules, World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus, Intercontinental Champion Big Show and Randy Orton treated Mark Henry to a trifecta of devastating finishers to emerge victorious in their six-man tag team showdown. Meanwhile, after once again being mistreated by Daniel Bryan, AJ unleashed a side of herself that would shock the WWE Universe. 

Emerging in a sea of “YES!” chants by the London members of the WWE Universe, Daniel Bryan wasted no time pointing out the numerous ways in which Sheamus had “taking the cowardly way out.” He cited his adversary's actions in their World Title Match at WrestleMania as well as the $500,000 fine, the largest in WWE history, that The Celtic Warrior's got for Brogue Kicking referee Chad Patton even eluding to his "permanent probation" status that will get The Great White fired if he so much as touches another official (WATCH | PHOTOS).

The former World Heavyweight Champion claimed, in no uncertain terms, that he would again shock the world by winning the World Title from The Celtic Warrior in a 2-out-of-3 falls showdown at Extreme Rules in Chicago. (MATCH PREVIEW)

However, as he began to restart the “YES!” chants, the lovely AJ interrupted. The submission specialist would have no part of her pleading to talk over their problems. Instead, he once again belittled her in the crassest fashion possible – leaving her visibly crushed as he informed her that he wished she was never born and that he would never take her back.

But, as the UK crowd was about to learn, a Diva scorned can lead to extremely volatile results.

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