SmackDown results: Kane crushes Orton's quest for payback

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March 02, 2012

World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan def. Randy Orton by Count-out

SEATTLE – While seeking vengeance on World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan for knocking him out of a WrestleMania opportunity two weeks ago, Randy Orton suddenly found himself sucked into a "Big Red" nightmare.

After Daniel Bryan attacked Randy Orton on the Feb. 13 edition of Raw SuperShow WATCH) – thereby denying him his spot in the SmackDown Elimination Chamber Match, a possible World Heavyweight Title and a chance to headline WrestleMania – WWE's Apex Predator returned to SmackDown on a venomous quest of retribution.

In the punishing encounter that ensued Friday night, Bryan managed to escape two RKO’s before retreating outside the ring, with The Viper fast on his tail. However, just as Orton was about to deliver a devastating DDT onto the ringside floor, the vicious Kane suddenly emerged. Seizing the unexpected opportunity, Bryan hurled Orton into the steel ring post before jumping through the ropes to win the match by count-out.

Without skipping a beat, The Big Red Monster and WWE’s Apex Predator began an intense post-match brawl, one which culminated in Orton receiving an earth-shattering chokeslam to the canvas. Seizing the mic, the sadistic Kane leaned down toward the battle-worn Viper and eerily stated, "Welcome back."

Moments before SmackDown went off the air, an observing John Laurinaitis - who will assume the duties of SmackDown GM next Friday (STORY) - alluded that he may put Kane in a match against Theodore Long's girlfriend, Aksana. (WATCH)

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